BIM Terminology – Subcommittee – Call for Participants – NBIMS-US V3

As the newly appointed Chairperson of the NBIMS-US V3 – Terminology Subcommittee (TGS), I would like to invite anyone interested to please join our group.

Below is the mandate for our group.

Develop and maintain a set of terminology definitions and police their use throughout NBIMS-US ballots and content.
Mandate includes (but is not limited to):
1. Develop and maintain a set of terminology definitions to be used as standard in NBIMS-US;
2. Review all ballots for consistency of terms and resolve disputes/confusion;
3. Review all existing content of NBIMS-US and revise for consistency as necessary;
4. Work with ballot authors to clarify terms and definitions;
5. Align terms and definitions with commonly used industry standards, organizations and other common references;
6. Develop and maintain, with the Implementation Subcommittee (IS), a simplified ballot form to allow for the submission of terms and definitions;
7. Develop and maintain terminology definitions content for NBIMS-US;
Additional Responsibilities:
1. Elect a Subcommittee Vice-Chair and Secretary in accordance with NBIMS-US rules of governance;
2. Schedule and conduct regular meetings; maintain and distribute meeting notes in accordance with NBIMS-US rules of governance;
3. Chair to attend regularly scheduled Planning Committee (PLC) meetings;
4. Provide a monthly report/update for the NBIMS-US Project Committee (PC).

About pcholakis

Exceptional cross sector domain knowledge and expertise in facilities life-cycle management and total cost of ownership applicable. Seminal thinker on TCO (total cost of ownership) applicable to the construction and facilities management industry and key professional associations - National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), FFC, APPA, NASFA, IFMA, COAA, Center for Job Order Contracting Excellence .... Proven ability to develop broad based “best-practices” and develop services and products for deployment via technology Broad-based experience includes: Board Member - The Center for Job Order Contracting Excellence NBIMS 3.0 Planning Committee NBIMS 3.0 Terminology Committee - Chair Noted Author for Professional Publications Facility Life-cycle Management Practices U.S. Patents – (2) Software and Business Solutions Development Central role in development of Capital Planning and Management Systems - CMPS - concept @ VFA, Inc. Strategic Business Planning Senior Consultant - RSMeans Company Inc. Staff Leadership and Development Strategic Partnering Troubleshooting / Problem Resolution CMO for leading provider of cost estimating and project management software and solutions to the DODand non-DOD Federal Government Sector, State/County/Local Governments, Education, Healthcare and software provider for RSMeans JOCWorks. Former Senior Consultant for RS Means / Reed Business Information – Strategic partnering with BIM and cost estimating software OEMs as well as large end user accounts. Established VFA as thought leader in the facilities consulting and condition assessment industry. Defined the CPMS (Capital Planning and Management Solutions) strategic concept effectively bringing it to a market that VFA dominated for years including the higher education and government segments Associations/Committees American Society of Professional Estimators American Society of Safety Engineers Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering Construction Owners Association of America Smart Building Alliance Society of American Military Engineers Committees BIM Library Committee - National Institute for Building Sciences (NIBS) - buildingSMARTalliance™ National Building Information Model (NBIM) Standard Project Committee- buildingSMARTalliance™ Building Modeling Information Group - CSI – Construction Specifications Institute
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